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"After reviewing this course from Corvin of Self Publishing Titans, I have to give it 5 stars. It covers everything. This course covers every aspect of building a thriving and successful KDP Publishing business. Full of actionable information, the course contains information that every publisher needs to succeed. - Rebecca Holman"

"I have now gone through the whole course and I really do recommend this course to anyone that wants to start a KDP business. Not only beginners but also to advanced members. I even learnt a few new things 🙂 I can’t wait to apply them to my own journey. The course covers everything from A-Z. From opening an account to running ads. It’s structured, so no need to search all over YouTube not knowing what to watch next. - Kathy Rheaume"

"I'd wholeheartedly recommend the course to not only beginners, but also to fairly advanced members as there's definitely new things to learn, tips on scaling your business etc. The private group and tools are worth the introductory price alone, in my opinion and I'm pretty sure that's not just my fear of missing out talking 😆 For beginners, the course is very comprehensive and laid out well, with downloads etc. - Chloe Spencer"

"I have gone through this whole course and I am confident in recommending it to anyone that wants to start or is new to this business. Even if you have been doing this business awhile, there is still stuff to learn or be refreshed on. The course really does cover everything from A-Z, gives examples and demos on screen, is completely transparent, honest and does not sell inflated, unrealistic expectations. - Steven Charles Ault Myers"

Just want to say Corvins Masterclass is absolutely brilliant, I have never felt so relaxed doing a course. I have also learnt so much more than I thought I knew, which I'm putting into practice immediately! Thanks Corvin & Cleo. - Peter Thomas"

"Guys, I just started to watch the masterclass videos. I can say that I'm advanced KDP 🙂 but as I'm watching the videos I'm learning more and more and it's always important to see how others do it, especially when it's done by the SPT owners. Thank you Corvin and Cléo!!. - Tony Varone"

"We have just finished the Masterclass and we want to say … BIG THANK YOU GUYS!🙏Before we started our publishing journey we were busy with various other activities so for about a year we have collected knowledge, watched YouTube videos and learned. However, what we have picked up over the year from other gurus can be no more than 2-3% of what the Masterclass taught us. We have now started with ads and we will get back to the course regularly until we develop our processes to perfection. Thanks again Corvin Van Stone and Cleo Van Stone"

"I wanted to share a win and say thank you to Corvin Van Stone! I have been publishing on KDP since 2018 but I learned so much from your masterclass course.  I have been following your ad advice and my book just reached #3 in children's birthday books."

"After learning so much in the Masterclass I decided to knuckle down and put what I learned into practice. December finished with 327 book sales, not a massive amount but a number I'm quite proud of. Hopefully it's onwards and upwards from here! Currently this month I'm at 82 sales. So thanks Corvin and anyone who hasn't bought the Masterclass you definitely should!"

"I just wanted to share something with everyone.  I started publishing on KDP back in June 2021.  I purchased the SPT masterclass on 8/10/2022, completed it on 8/14/2022, and published the first book using this method on 8/30/2022.  I have been exclusively using this method ever since.  I have published 9 books total since that first one using this method on 8/30/2022.  Look at the growth since August.  I know my numbers are very small beans compared to some, but just seeing this growth motivates me to continue!"

"Dear Cleo & Corvin: Thank you for creating the Masterclass course. I am new to publishing so I purchased the masterclass course for $97 and it is one of the best investments I have made. Easy to follow, concise and comprehensive information to help us all reach our goals. Thank you for sharing your journey and guidance. Thank you for all the free tools and the training. I really appreciate your kind, caring and giving nature and will recommend your course to everyone. Best regards, DC Atamian"

"I would like to give Corvin an honest and sincere compliment for the course. So far I haven't learned anything new because I have been doing KDP for over a year. But the course is sorting my knowledge and thoughts. So far, I had an idea and just went for it and tried to get the best possible result. In one of the listed ideas and niches I am very very successful in Germany, I would even say the most successful author. In the meantime, after watching the course, I am very sure that there was a lot of luck and coincidence involved. But I realize now that my processes were a bit chaotic, haphazard and disorganized. The course is a guide for me that brings more order and structure to my work and I am very sure that I will have much more success next year. I thank Corvin for this!"

"We just want to say a big thank you to Cleo Van Stone & Corvin van Corvin Van Stone for creating the KDP Masterclass. We haven't even watched all the videos yet and haven't reached the end of the course, but we are already sure that the Masterclass is what will give us a really solid foundation on the KDP journey. We often re-watch videos or their parts twice or more times. It is not about the length of the entire course, but about the really important information that a beginner needs to start in KDP. Anyway we believe that this comprehensive course can be useful even for advanced KDP guys. Likewise, whenever we need to ask something (and this happens practically every day), we have support in the Masterclass private FB group, which is a great help. Self Publishing Titans sounds quite pretentious but they are COOL guys👌"

"I enrolled in the Self-Publishing Titans Masterclass a few days ago and it’s been excellent!! 🎉 Corvin Van Stone presented each lesson so clearly and to the point which I like!  He shared valuable key tips that I haven’t seen shared before and I feel that I finally have some of the missing links to help me in my KDP business!  I’ve taken a variety of self-publishing courses over the last two years,  but this course has been the best by far!!  Thank you so much for this great course Corvin and all the help that you have provided to our student group! 💐"

"October seems to move for me. Really need to scale and improve. 3 books are Only been live for few days, but one of them Is doing well thanks to an ads launch. The course really helped me."

"It was amazing in all the ways possible. Straight to the point and provided THE valuable information that we need to succeed. It is also the most affordable class out there. Now, anyone who wants to start KDP can be successful."

“The course is informative and easy to follow. The short video format allows viewers to take in the information without being overwhelmed. Having watched many YT videos and completed other courses. This is by far the best resource I have found. I will continue to refer to it as I progress on the KDP journey that I have just started. Thank you for the time spent in putting it together.”

“I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for all you do. Your FB group is also 'off the charts'...I LOVE your energy as well. Thank you both. Namaste”

“Bravo and Great Job, Corvin! I am grateful and glad to have found this Masterclass. Thank you for generously sharing your wealth of knowledge and real life "KDP" experiences. I wish you and Cleo more successes!”

“Thank you for this great Masterclass. It is a great help for people who are just starting out with KDP. Thank you for the Masterclass FB group as this is the place I often ask lots of questions and get and I'll get qualified answers. Thank you for you and your wife being "decent and nice people". Just stay as you are.”

“You and Cleo did an excellent job! I wish you tons of success with this course! I know it is going to help me, I can already feel it. :)”

“Thank you for all the effort you & your lovely wife put into this course. I watched many YouTube channels to learn about KDP for months now. None of them were so honest and detailed about everything as yours. Thank You…”

"It was great! I am so excited to apply all the tips that I learned from it."

"I honestly, no BS LOVED the course. I love the way the course was structured and more importantly love how the videos were to the point and covered everything necessary in a proper amount of time. I seriously am so excited about what I've learned and applying that. A super BIG thank you to you and your wife Cleo."

"I really enjoyed the course and I have learnt so much from it. Just watching the processes and having a plan / strategy has been the most helpful. I have only published one book so far (before this course) and I'm so glad I have now done your course so I don't make any more silly mistakes. I like that you're honest but also motivating about KDP. That it takes work and dedication but it's worth it."

“I really like the Masterclass. I like the course structure and short videos. The videos over 10 minutes takes me a lot of time to write all the info down and I always went back to re-watch the videos. There are a few things I had to search on the internet but it's maybe less than 5% I needed. So this Masterclass really helped me a lot. I just started my KDP journey 2 months ago. Also as a non-native English speaker I do welcome Corvin speaks English that is easy understandable but he still explains all the stuff really well.”

"Great class! I appreciate the structure from beginning to end of the process."

"WOW! So many awesome tips & tricks!"

"Was very structured. That was what I liked about it."

"Great Course. Some golden nuggets."

"Very clear, to the point, detailed, best of all - systematic. Although I have been doing this for almost 3 years, learnt a lot from your systematic approach, in research and doing ad campaigns."

"Very informative and easy to follow." 

"I'm impressed by the quality and scope of the training."

"The masterclass was AMAZING!! Lessons were clear, straight to the point and full of helpful tips :)"

"It was great. I already have KDP experience, even some sales (nothing steady). It was nice to see an approach that was more scalable by anyone."

"Fantastic going through with examples rather then you just speaking at us was really useful."

“Great course. Will be watching again as I create some new books.”

“Bless you and your wife. Thank you for all you do for the publishing community.”

“Thank you so much for creating the course and being so responsive on FB.”

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