Puzzle Tools

The following tools are included with lifetime access and unlimited use:

Sudoku, Word Search, Crossword, Letter Maze, Shape Maze, Nonogram, Word Snake, Number Search, Word Scramble, Pontoon Grid, Kakuro, Cryptogram, Link Janitor, Hidato, Wordoku, Drawgrid, Letter Tracing, Bingo Card, Equation Solver, Cryptomaths, Cross Sums

Frequently Asked Questions


Bugs? Update Requests?

Of course some might encounter a bug or want something improved. The goal with all our tools is to constantly update them and make them the best possible tools possible. So please contact me (Corvin) immediately with any issues you are having or with some upgrade ideas. You can private message me on Facebook directly, or email me. There will also be a form on the Coloring Book tool that you can fill out.


Is this limited access?

No. You will have full unlimited and lifetime access. What you see in videos is what you will get. That seems to be the most straight forward way to give value without disappointments or confusions.


Why no refunds?

There are a few reasons. The first one is that you can preview the tool before buying it, and we strongly urge you to do that. Additionally we have included some screenshots on the information page. If you are left with any uncertainties or questions, we recommend not buying the tool and contacting us with your questions. I will also make a video about this tool, so you can see a lot of it before purchasing. Combined with the ability to preview, the screenshots and the video it should give you enough information to decide if this tool is right for you or not. Also keep in mind it will come with lifetime access as well as support. The other reason we are not going to offer refunds for this tool, is that there is a tremendous value that can be gotten from our coloring elements collection of over 5,000 elements that can be used to make unique coloring pages.


Who will handle support / bug issues?

With Self Publishing Titans, you can contact Corvin directly either by email or direct message. To us happy KDPers is the most important. This goes for all paid and free tools. We are here to help you succeed.


What is the Usage / License Agreement?

  1. General Data:
  1. You have unlimited lifetime access for yourself as a single user.
  2. You can create as many as you like for your own personal business.
  1. What is Allowed?
  1. You only use the tool to create as many unique items for sale to end users.
  2. You can include a free giveaway bonus in your paid book with up to 10 pages in exchange for an email per book.
  3. You may sell unique book interiors and creations to other people on online platforms like Etsy and such.
  1. What is Not Allowed?
  1. You may not create book interiors and give them away for free to other online sellers.
  2. You may not sell single coloring elements on Etsy or similar platforms. They need to be a full coloring page design with multiple elements on the page to keep the designs unique.
  1. Not sure if allowed?
  1. If something is not included, covered or mentioned in the points above, it will not be allowed. For clarification / questions, you can email or message me. Important: We have the right to question suspicious activity and to revoke access in case of violations of the above points. This would especially be any misuse, scam / spam related behavior.


Common Sense

You are 100% responsible for your own book making & publishing journey. This includes following KDP Terms & Conditions, trademark laws and other guidelines.

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