KDP Masterclass

Structured course sequence to learn all basics. How we sold 170,000+ books, Lifetime access, 80+ videos, 100+ Resources, Private Facebook Group, 1,000+ Students

Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be refunds?

Yes, you will have 7 days from purchase date. If you are unhappy about my course, I will ask you to fill out a survey to see how I could improve the course as per your perspective. (I like constructive criticism, and my goal is to always make the masterclass better and better). Obviously if you refund, you will lose access to the course and all resources that came with the course.


Who is this course best suited for?

This current Masterclass is currently aimed at beginners to intermediate authors and publishers.


Will the same methods work for novels and eBooks?

I cannot say as we have never published a novel. We have done well with a kids story book ourselves and have done ok with eBooks, but currently do not do any eBooks. So I would probably say not fully, but maybe.


Will you teach me how to make $10,000 per month?

I cannot guarantee any results from my masterclass. KDP is a journey and long term play. If you are looking to get rich quickly, this is not the place.


What kind of books will work best with your methods?

No / Low Content Books, Activity / Puzzle Books, Cookbooks, How to Books, Kids Story Books and books like that.

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