Direct Access to Me

Direct Access to Me for 60 Days

Includes the following:

  • Direct messaging me on Facebook.
  • Priority access and answer as fast as possible unless I am sleeping.
  • Can ask as many questions in the private group as you like where other group members or myself can answer.
  • Can ask up to 5 questions directly to me every single day for coaching and mentorship, including all the topics mentioned below. Whatever you need help with the most, I will help you to the best of my ability.
  • After the 60 days, you will still have lifetime access to the Facebook groups as well as the Masterclass.
  • The 60 days time period starts right after purchase.

You Can Ask Me About Anything

Including the following:

Cover Design

I will check covers and tell you honest feedback and if there is anything that should be changed to make it better and sell

Title / Sub Title

I will check titles / sub titles and help with any suggestions for improvements

7 Backend Keywords

Will help check and give tips to improve your backend keywords


I will check up to 1 description per day and see what can be improved to get better results

A+ Content

Will check A+ Content and give you pointers on what to change or improve if and as needed.

Amazon Ads

Will help you optimize and adjust your ads. You can send me screenshots and I will tell you what I would do if they were mine.

Ask me anything

You will be able to ask me anything. If I do not know the answer, I will either tell you to ask in the Private Facebook group or if needed ask KDP support if its some problem or issue they would have the answer to.

Best Sequence

When you have general questions about anything KDP best to ask in the small private Ask Me Anything Group" that you will be in, so everyone can benefit. I will answer just as fast. And for any more private questions, you contact me directly for support, help and guidance. KDP Help pages will also be really useful to get familiar with.

Results & Guarantees

I cannot guarantee any results. What I can do is provide the best guidance I know how to and share exactly what I would do and what is working for us, but the responsibility for success or failure will lie within your own hands.

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